Elton John Tribute Act Promo Video

We had to find the right venue with a great stage for the Music Promo.

Three professional camera film engineers that have worked for the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky filmed the Live Show in front of hundreds of people.

It become difficult to film as people wanted to boogie and have a great time whilst standing in front of the cameras.

I love it because of that it’s real, honest and a true representation of the Elton John Tribute Act.

We even had camera filming the piano only being played, and stuck on camera fixed to the piano itself.

You might wish your event to be a laid back affair, or have a party atmosphere, but either way any event can be catered for.

I have to say thank you to the camera crew for their great work in capturing the energy of the promo, I did not want pre recorded sound overs, I wanted to capture the energy and crowd from a live performing as it is The Elton John Experience.

None of this would have been able without the audience would were so much fun to be with.

Elite Elton.