Elton John Tribute Act Audio

The music of Sir Elton John is incredible and I wanted to respect his voice and music when I set up the Elton John Tribute Act.

It took over 2 years of painstaking work learning mannerisms, voice, piano playing technique, and little nuances to respectfully give an authentic tribute to Sir Elton John.

I also wanted to concentrate on the 50 years of Elton John’s chart success which meant manipulating the voice to give an authentic recreation of his higher vocal chords in the 70’s and each decade thereafter with his maturing voice.

All in all, an extremely difficult undertaking!

So with the collection of songs listed allows for representation of Sir Elton’s voice from the 70’s to the present day.

Please take a moment to listen to some audio clips of the Elite Elton Elton John Tribute Act – as well as a BBC Interview I had – and then also underneath I’ve got a few notes about each clip (a bit like the director’s commentary on a DVD).

-Kevin (Elite Elton)

BBC Radio Interview

BBC Radio Scotland Interview 

This is one of my favourite interviews I have ever given.

I was booked to go to Windsor on the day before the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Princess Meghan.

I turned up at Windsor Castle and had to give dozens of interviews with TV and Radio Stations around the World, pictures from Reuters, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The New York Times, a bit of fun really as Sir Elton Lives in Windsor.

I was standing on the famous ‘Long Walk’ (Long Walk also appears on the cover of Elton John Single Man Album)

I was directly standing outside the castle gates giving more interviews when about 40 local school children started screaming ‘It’s Elton John’ NOT FOR FUN, FOR REAL!’

It caused many paparazzi and crowds to completely surround me and want pictures etc. I think because of the more papparizzi there were, people convinced themselves I was Elton!

It got out of control and I asked the Royal Guards to let me because I was being a bit squashed and I ended up trying to climb over the railings with Elton John platform boots on because of the chaos. It was scary, crazy and only a very tiny glimpse of what it must be like for the great man Sir Elton John.

Even though it was pretty scary at the time it was a great day and i enjoyed the atmosphere of everybody looking forward to the Royal Wedding. 

This interview was filmed on the same day before the Long Walk incident outside the actual place Elton John got married, an interesting, fun interview and a premonition of things to come later that afternoon.

Blue Eyes

“Blue Eyes” music and lyrics written by Elton John and Gary Osbourne

Filmed On Bondi Beach, Australia and reached No.1 in The Adult Contempory Chart.

Dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor with her famous Blues Eyes

The exact location is at the most easterly point of Marks Park, Tamarama, where a low, sandstone turret rests on the top of the cliffs and overlooks the Tasmin Sea. The white grand piano was positioned right in the middle of the turret.

Candle In The Wind

‘Candle in the Wind’ music and lyrics written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin,
The best selling single in the world since records began.
Originally written in memory to Marilyn Monroe but later performed at the funeral for Princess Diana, it has sold over 33,000,000 singles worldwide. spent 14 weeks at No.1 on Billboard Charts in the U.S and No.1 IN several countries around the world.

I’m Still Standing

I’m Still Standing music and lyrics written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

During the shoot for the video, John came across Duran Duran. He complained he was exhausted at having been up since 4 o’clock in the morning. Simon Le Bon decided John should have a Martini. “So I did,” John later recalled, “I had six.”

Andy Taylor from Duran Duran wrote:

There were lots of celebrities around in Cannes and one day we discovered that Elton John was in town, filming the video for his song I’m Still Standing. We we went up to see him at his hotel and spent the afternoon getting blasted on Martinis. We decided it would be a laugh to get him drunk and we were slinging the drinks down him ‘Ooh, you are lovely boys,’ he screeched, loving every minute of it. It was a great party.

The next morning, John awoke with a hangover and wandered into his personal assistant’s room—which was “leveled”—and asked him “What happened?” His assistant laughed: “You happened!”

I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues

I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues

music and lyrics written by Elton John, Davey Johnson and Bernie Taupin

Top 5 Hit on both sides of the Atlantic
Tells the story of two 1950s-era young lovers who are separated when the man is forced to leave for National Service, depicting the trials and tribulations he experiences there, and then are finally reunited at the end of the song. It was filmed in the Rivoli Ballroom in London and is marked as one of the few times John has been filmed or videotaped without wearing his trademark glasses.

Rocket Man

Rocket Man music and lyrics written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin
The song was inspired by the short story “The Rocket Man” in the Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury.

The song describes a Mars-bound astronaut’s mixed feelings at leaving his family in order to do his job.

Rosenthal’s account goes on to relate that the notion of astronauts no longer being perceived as heroes, but in fact as an “everyday occupation”, led Taupin to the song’s opening lines: “She packed my bags last night, pre-flight. Zero hour: 9 a.m. And I’m gonna be high as a kite by then.”