Elton John Tribute Act Gallery

The stage costumes for Elite Elton’s Elton John Tribute Act have been custom-made by the finest tailor.
This tailor has worked for the costume department within the BBC in addition to well-known period dramas and movies.
Combining the finest fabrics and embroidery; they brought to life designs personally created for the Elite Elton Show.

Great pains were taken to make this a truly authentic Tribute to the Rocket Man himself, by sourcing the perfect props.
For example, to find Elite Elton’s glasses, over a hundred expensive pairs of glasses were purchased to find the exact pair for the show.

Several other items of the costume are unique too, and were sent in from all different continents of the World to make the stage costumes truly unique and authentic for The Elton John Tribute Experience Show.

There is even an item of jewellery that was¬†previously owned by Sir Elton John himself, that was purchased in Covent Garden from the ‘Out the Closet’ Elton John Auction.

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