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Elton John Tribute Act Booking Tips
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How to choose the best Elton John Tribute act for your event

Choosing entertainment for your event, party, or function can really be a stressful experience if you go the wrong way about it!

Here are a few tips to help you choose your tribute act for your event (whether you do go for an Elton John tribute act, or not).

TIP 1:Do they actually sound like the Original?
This may seem like an obvious thing to ask, but you would be amazed how many tribute acts don’t really sound like the person they are a tribute to! Make sure you listen to some sound clips, or even better, look at some videos of them in action.
One of the most important factors is that they are an Elton John soundalike.

TIP 2: Do they look anything like the person they are a tribute to?
You need to see what they look like! Do they have any photographs, videos or anything else that gives you an idea of how authentic they really are? Do they just have one costume, or many? Do they bring backdrops, lights, or any props to help them look the part? For example, does your Elton John tribute act Bring a piano, and can they even play it, or are they miming at playing the instrument?
Make sure you’re booking an Elton John lookalike.

TIP 3: Do they have insurance?
This is not only essential for most venues (and general peace of mind), but also great indication of how seriously this tribute act takes their job. For some people, being a tribute act is a part-time venture, paying for holidays and beer, while for other people it’s their full time income.These are the people who will take your booking seriously, act professionally, and not let you down last-minute if the weather is nice and they decide to have a barbecue (it happens!)Make sure you book a professional Elton John Tribute act.

TIP 4: Do they have any reviews on the Internet?
Take a minute to look at your short-listed tribute acts websites. Do they have any testimonials? And how about on their YouTube videos and Facebook page; do they have any reviews or comments there? Facebook is great for looking at reviews, because they can’t be faked.

TIP 5: Are they going to be a good fit for your event?
This one is quite often overlooked. Stop for a moment and think about the songs that this person is famous for… are they mostly slow? Will they be a good fit for your party? Will they make the mood, or kill it? Make sure you speak with your tribute act to ensure that their song choices will be suitable for your event. If you want to avoid the hassle of looking around for a quality Elton John Tribute Act, Contact Elite Elton Today Visit EliteElton.com


A very close Elton John lookalike, Elite Elton’s Tribute Act performs Live Piano with Professional Musician Backing Tracks from a huge repertoire of Sir Elton John’s Famous Songs and gives his heart and soul in to every performance to make your occasions unique and unforgettable.

Elite Elton – The Elton John Experience can perform for any type of function, large or small, with a Full Stage Sound, Lighting, State Of the Art P.A, a beautiful Baby Grand Piano and Authentic Stage Costumes.

What Happy Bookers Say About Elite Elton’s Elton John Tribute Act:

“You were brilliant, best Tribute I have ever seen.”
– Steve, Surrey

“We were inundated with Sony UK staff saying how much they enjoyed the event you put on for their Corporate Event, we will recommend you if anyone asks.”
– Great Fosters, Berkshire

“The members loved it and we look forward to seeing you again soon.”
– Colets, Surrey

Visit https://www.eliteelton.com/testimonials/ to see our glowing testimonials, or call 0203 583 7848 now to book your unforgettable Elton John Tribute Act experience

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