Elton John Video: Bernie Taupin – Advice to Future Musicians & Songwriters

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In a rare interview, long-time Elton John collaborator Bernie Taupin discusses Elton John’s The Diving Board and gives advice to future lyricists and songwriters.

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7 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Bernie Taupin – Advice to Future Musicians & Songwriters”

  1. you need luck as well as talent! this guy is/was a great lyricist but was amazingly lucky to find elton john- who- (whilst not trying to blow smoke up the blokes arse) well, not from this range!! is a friggin genius! so there you have it- the talent and the luck!!!!!!.

  2. I disagree with Bernie's view that you either have songwriting talent or you don't. Just because you don't have it now doesn't mean you can't achieve it if you work at it!

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