Elton John Video: Bernie Taupin – On the ‘Oceans Away’ Lyrics

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In a rare interview, long-time Elton John collaborator Bernie Taupin discusses the lyrics and music of Elton John’s song ‘Oceans Away” track.

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4 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Bernie Taupin – On the ‘Oceans Away’ Lyrics”

  1. Bernie taupin speaks often for me and, in the events behind ' oceans away', most specifically for my father and his brothers; one uncle lying interred yet with the ones where he fell

  2. t bone burnett is the wrong producer for elton…he is so over rated t bone is and from a sound point of view his mixes are lousy and sound dead….elton should work with giles martin and coax his dad george to do a couple of arangements…but t bone burnett is lousy producer….lousy not right for elton and bernies music…gus dudgeon is a God compared to an imposter like burnett…why are they so enamored with this con man? i dont get it

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