Elton John Video: Elton John – Davey Johnstone's 3,000th Show

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Elton introduces his guitar player Davey Johnstone at his 3,000th show during the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour show in Saskatoon, Canada, on October 1st 2019. Davey has also served as backing vocalist and Musical Director for Elton over their many decades of shows together.

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31 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John – Davey Johnstone's 3,000th Show”

  1. Davey played electric guitar in Magna Carta before he joined the EJ Band. There's some great Magna Carta footage on here from 1971 featuring Davey on…electric guitar.

  2. I met Davey once on the street about 15 years ago at 57th & 6th Ave in Manhattan. Really nice guy, appreciated being noticed by a fan. I gushed and turned into a fan boy!

  3. Beautiful things to do and give Davey his accolades for his talent & his 3,000 show. Congrats Davey & I had the pleasure of standing in front of you at the show in Ottawa. You're brilliant & take a bow you deserve it ..bravo 👊😘🤟👏🙌💣💥❤🧡💛💚💙🎼🎵🎶🎵🎸🎙

  4. It's wonderful of Elton to take the time to acknowledge the people that have made his touring career so wonderful. Congratulations Davey on 3,000 shows – WOW!

  5. Elton… I’ve been a fan for 45+ years! You are a generous person and you show appreciation to your band mates, Bernie, AND your billions of fans – and that is amazing! ❤️you!

  6. Davey is every bit the genius Elton is, so melodic and tasteful with his output, I utterly abhor the term but Davey I feel is a terribly underrated guitar player.

  7. Elton John is so generous praising his band members and Bernie, ensuring everyone is credited for their talents. These folks are phenominal. Elton, you are the best! ❤❤❤❤

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