Elton John Video: Elton John – End The Silence

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Elton reveals the song that holds the most precious memory from his childhood for Hope And Homes, believing that every child should have love, family and music in their lives. Supported by YouTube, End The Silence will help 8 million children suffering silently in orphanages. Please share your track and memory at:

Produced and edited by Fulwell73
Doris Day “The Deadwood Stage” written by Fain & Webster
Published by Warner Chappell Music / Used courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

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12 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John – End The Silence”

  1. Thinking back i had two very different tastes, Connie Francis, Lipstick on your collar, Dinah Washington, What a difference a day makes, and Danny and the Juniors At the Hop. anything Rick Nelson, then I heard about this kid that rocked the Troubadour, and i'm not ashamed to say , have loved Elton for his goodness and his music of course since then, Just ask Amazon LOl/

  2. Yaaayyyyy!!!👍👍👍 Music is my life. I listen since I was in my mum's womb. Whenever I'was agitated and kicking too hard, she'd put her small radio near her bump and I'd listen, curious and attentive. Music helps me get through tough times, especially yours!❤

  3. I cannot even believe Elton John haters exist in this world. Just hearing how passionate Elton is about the music he likes is so adorable, and the words he speaks about children needing music is so honest and true. We need to blast the world with more Elton John songs and less bombs.

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