Elton John Video: Elton John – Farewell Tour Highlights l December 2019

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The Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour continues playing across Australia, with four December shows in Melbourne that are part of 38 dates across the country until March 2020. The first two Rod Laver Arena dates on December 10th and 11th dazzled with all the hits and drove the audience to their feet for Elton’s final ever tour! Get Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour tickets at:

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Elton John – Farewell Tour Highlights l December 2019

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48 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John – Farewell Tour Highlights l December 2019”

  1. Love you Elton, and all of your Band as well! Greet & Tell Nigel if I had a son, (I have all girls,) I would have named him, Nigel, love you all! I was looking at seats yesterday, but won't be able to attend, unless someone asks me on a date, I'm in Austin TX. You still Rock Big Time, kiss your child for me, my Grandson is going on 5 already, time flies!

  2. The shame is that a silly bouncy song like "The Bitch is Back" is what it takes to satisfy the great masses of concert-goers who only care about get-up-and-dance shake-your-ass music, whereas so, so much of the body of work is vastly superior to cuts like that. Look, Reginald, it's not impossible to play great songs to the masses. Stevie Wonder has done it recently-ish. The Who certainly have. And even Elton John has – see Madison Garden birthday party!!
    This is not to say you can't go upbeat. There's Benny for starters, and the crowd will go bonkers for that. But The Bitch Is Back? Commercial pablum 🙁

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