Elton John Video: Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Remastered & Revisited (Extended Interview)

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Elton John, Bernie Taupin and others discuss Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, looking back at the creation of this game-changing album in this extended version of the retrospective. Celebrate the 45th anniversary of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road with the music and merchandise:

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45 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Remastered & Revisited (Extended Interview)”

  1. ITS scarry……how goodbye yellow brick road…..is the greatest album EVER…from the melodies…to the lyrics to the arrangements.ITS SCARRY GOOD.sgt pepper…second.your replies are welcomed.

  2. Omg pass this to Sir Elton; My husband said when he was in high school in the 70s a guy dressed up like Elton John All the Time; Not just a halloween costume he did it all that year of high school.

  3. Elton has the music I have listen to sense my brother came home in early 70’s with Elton’s music and I don’t think any other person in music has touched me in my heart as much and sure wish I have this one last chance to see the real side of today’s Elton and his voice may have changed but sure seems even more great coming from him and will say when I got his 60th Birthday DVD set you can see how songs he sings in the show touch him in his graceful heart , I love you for all you do a really mean to so many and I’m happy for you finding your true one to be with and being blessed to take led to share life with yalls kids . Your a great person inside and out and sure hope you still have more music that has yet to be aloud to come to us all , your the real piano man in my heart . From a man In USA that never gets enough of your music . THANK YOU

  4. ok, had I never heard of Elton John's version of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road I might have liked it, BUT…I grew up as a Kid Listening to this Album when it First came out. Sorry, the Early 70's Version is the Version I prefer. Hope the Next Gen can get the same feeling I had with Yellow Brick Road.

  5. The cd with the new artists doing EJ tracks was simply excruciating. I bought the box set and when I put that cd on hoped to hear a few tracks that at least did something inspiring but limp, understated, boring, overproduced song after song went by and I just thanked god I was at the end of it, never to play it again.

  6. Elton is a huge fan of young musicians who pay their dues and work hard, rather than those who get instant fame for a few reality show appearances. This is how he gives them the exposure HE thinks they deserve. I personally don't like the new covers here, but I'm too used to the originals.

  7. Yeah really, why attempt to remake this classic album in any way? Sorry Elton, not a fan of the remake. Elton's musical output all the way to Blue Moves is exceptional and so beyond what these musicians will ever be capable of- sorry that's just how it is.

  8. HAPPY 70th Birthday Elton Hercules John !

    Thank you for this upload, much appreciated..

    I liked YBR, but its not my favourite Album, Funeral for a friend is always my most anticipated track on that album.

    Its great to see that old footage, I have never seen that before.

    Gus and Shiela died when he went off the motorway and ended upside down in his Jaguar in a ditch.
    They were returning home in the early hours from a party.
    it was never clear if they died from the impact of the cash or drowned from what I remember.
    oddly enough he was in the process of suing both Elton and David Bowie.
    Gus's greatest work was Blue Moves, but I found that album to be very depressing, and one had a sense of foreboding that Elton and Bernie were going to break up, which they did for a while.

    Dee sadly passed away, as did Guy Babylon. So it was nice to see some footage of Dee, Davey and Nigel.

    I guess Ray Cooper was not around in the YBR years, I have always found that he made a huge difference to any track he played on. I think he went very much unnoticed until Blue Moves, where he was pictured with the rest of the new band on the inside cover, after Dee and Nigel had been dismissed.

    personally I never liked Candle in the Wind, it was a huge mistake in my book associating that song with Marilyn Monroe, Bernie should have used a more generic reference to famous people, rather than using Marilyn's name.

    But then, who am I to criticise my Hero and inspiration Bernie Taupin ? 🙂 I could sit and listen to Bernie talking all day long.

  9. I swear that I cannot get enough information and look-backs at the early Elton John years (1970-1975) To me, he really didn't exist after that. I was in my early to mid teens at the time. Unbelievable time for music, in general, as well.

  10. I have this album on vinyl, cassette, and cd, and if I still had an 8-track, I would have it on 8-track.  No way, will a tribute album compete with it.  in fact, I will go out and buy the tribute album right now.

  11. 10:05 "people get caught up in the celebrity of Elton!" Yah they do, cause that's sorta what he intended. You don't step out in platform glittered shoes and feathers like Liberace and get taken seriously as a "musician". For those who truly know about music, what Elton does is sampling. Sampling of chords from classical, jazz, and soul records he grew up listening to. There's no composing going on. It's more of arranging. And his voice well it's rather quacky, and you can never tell what he's saying half the time. HE knows that and for that reason, he created this huge, larger-than-life persona and visual distraction with the costumes. I'm sure it's a demon he wrestles with. Any good musician can do what he does. They just didn't get lucky with a great songwriter, and a great producer.

  12. Those who are dissing the younger artists completely missed the point of the end of this interview, you are getting mixed up with the star like quality and the celebrity side of him, but you guys are forgetting that he is a musician first, and musicians love music, different types of music, different people, the collaboration side of the music, hearing how other people outside of your direct circle can interpet an already famous piece of work, the intent of the remastered version was for creative freedom that is revamped to something different, each of the younger artists may not have a known legacy such as Elton John but they certainly did a great job at bringing a new sense of life in the music.

  13. All those that don't like you is not on your doing. it's painfully So SORRY, they have ears and eyes and are deft and blind. Your Really One of the greatest singer still with us. Continue your great works of Art. where one can still hear words and Melody's. instead of a two year old banging and yelling.

  14. Elton John is still active! This year, 2016, he has released the album "Wonderful Crazy Night". The singles are "In the Name of You", "Blue Wonderful" and "Looking Up". All up here on youtube!

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