Elton John Video: Elton John – Gotham Hall – Tiny Dancer (VR180)

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Elton has announced his last tour, “Farewell Yellow Brick Road”, consisting of more than 300 shows across five continents. Supported by YouTube, for the best viewing experience watch with your phone, Google Cardboard or Google Daydream for VR180. Get Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour tickets at:

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15 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John – Gotham Hall – Tiny Dancer (VR180)”

  1. Perseus,one piece mean forever for all of us (n.r.f.,n.d.f.) ver( important this is the one "just don't let a Porckiepine explode on u Son,the Mourning Star "11,000 Churches crack in the wall" protecting Jesus carved with sa(ing the same thing,Baal "Luke" reads.

  2. I'm in love with your passion. I'm learning quickly… Hope I can take all these words and do something positive with them. A lot of songs try 2 beat me down… You found me with the song tiny dancer. I'm beginning 2 understand but whoa… It's been a walk thru hell trying 2 see the light here. All my love Elton. I love the cross in your name. I'm learning. Having faith but there's not a day I don't ball my eyes out. All my love… LGAL. Laurel tree.

  3. Elton,
    There will never be anyone in the music business who can hold a candle to your music
    you are the very best there is!!! I have loved your music for 45 yrs look forward to seeing you on Oct 30th 2018
    in St. Louis! SRP St. Louis, Mo.

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