Elton John Video: Elton John – Making of Farewell Yellow Brick Road: Part 3 The Future (VR180)

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See how Elton continues to innovate by embracing cutting edge technology to bring fans closer to his world than ever before. Supported by YouTube, for the best viewing experience watch with your phone, Google Cardboard or Google Daydream for VR180. Get Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour tickets at:

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7 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John – Making of Farewell Yellow Brick Road: Part 3 The Future (VR180)”

  1. It's very easy for anyone and everyone to sign up for Ticket Master, Credit Cards , and Tour/Fans .
    They send out a code, but the codes are all the same.
    The Elton John's code from Rocket, a fan based code, was Farewell .
    So, a person/people , who deploys the bots, recent data shows that a large percentage are offshore bots,
    can get access to all of these presales , even before the tickets are offered to the general public.
    Since the codes are not specific for the individual user, they can set up ten bots.

    I tried a presale for an Elton John show .
    It was a fan based event the day before the tickets were to be sold to the public.
    I was waiting pre for the event to start , as soon as the event started ,
    all 2 (ticket quantity) Best Availability were gone/not available .
    That was within ten seconds .
    So either they weren't there , or something much much faster than I had got them.
    The only tickets I could get access to was a one seat ticket. That's it.
    I needed two.
    I went back to check if the situation had changed regarding two tickets, which hadn't .
    So I went back to see about the one ticket, but it wasn't available any longer .
    Lesson learned . Have more than one browser going.
    One thing they could do to slow these bots down is by have the seating charts,
    chose the price you want to pay , choices active.
    Lot's of these presales , etc, don't have these activated for use.
    It's Best Availability ONLY .
    There's nothing there for you to chose which price you want to pay or which seat/seats you want.

    I think the venues should be more responsible for this.
    If the venues have ticket kiosks throughout their state , then the venue kiosks should take precedent.
    Tangible people showing up at tangible places.
    Sadly though this was not the case with Elton John, for The Q, a venue for concerts and The Cavs,
    were supposed to have tickets the same day as when they went on sale to the general public,
    which would have been February 2nd 2018.
    The kiosks date to sell tangibly was pushed back to February 5th 2018.
    I know for I was one of the people that was there on February 2nd at 10 AM .
    The women who ran the kiosk at the Drug Mart didn't even know the date was pushed back.

    FYI . One bot purchased 1,000 U2 tickets in under a minute.

    If you click tickets, all resale.

    It's very wrong about reselling Wheelchair Accessible or Handicap Seats for that type of profit over the initial price.
    Especially when a percentage of these bots are from overseas .
    Those seats could be for disabled veterans .
    A percentage of the disabled are on fixed income.
    You have literally priced out the people who those tickets were intended for.
    I love you Elton . I used to walk around with my Elton John belt buckle.
    I don't love those who are taking advantage of us getting a final chance to see you though

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