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Elton John dedicates ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues’ to Prince during his Las Vegas show. The iconic musical innovator passed away on April 21st, 2016.

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26 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John – Prince Dedication”

  1. I had the chance, when I was working as a cater waiter, in NYC in the Allen room, Prince played, it was some award show or whatever I don't remember. Anyways, he played and the client forced all of us out of the room. All the waiters/waitresses. the client didn't want us to see him play. If Prince knew what they did, he would have been so angry over it. I just know. I got to see him live for only 1-2 minutes, so at least I got that.

  2. Class. That IS why he was so special…so many great musicians and performers over time but none as touched by GOD as he was. Literally a once in MANY lifetimes artist. The true GOAT. The best thing about Prince is that can't explain him…you can't tell someone about Prince – you just give them your fav cd and maybe they'll take the journey to listen to the rest. He is a piece of music history. RIP

  3. Elton has always had class. He said such nice things. Leave it to Elton to do a tribute for him Elton us that kind of guy. I've lived Elton since age 15. Now um age 60. If Prince were alive we would be the same age.

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  5. being a singer and a songwriter myself, it is hard for me to get over all of these incredible and devastating losses that have occurred so close to each other. I .remember back in the nineties when I had a chance to see Prince live and did not go. So sad about that now.Thank you Elton for the wonderful tribute to the purple one.When I was growing up there was no bigger artist than Elton John and no other artist I admired more for his abilities.thanks for the music guys!

  6. A few things he says here hold a lot of weight…."These people don't come around very often" " "We all knelt at his feet, because when you're an artist you know real quality when you see it." "He was probably the greatest musician I've ever seen live on stage." Considering these kind of gushing compliments are coming from a legendary musician in his own right….says a lot.

  7. All I can say is when I was in 8th grade I would take Elton John's album and place it next to me and have my Mom take a photo, lol like we were together. I've always loved Elton, but ever since I learned that Lady Gaga is Godmother to his children, I had to close the door. This is really a bunch of premeditated bullshit. I lost total respect for Elton John at this moment.

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