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Watch superstar artists reveal what Elton John means to them as they reimagine his music for the Revamp album, which features Mary J. Blige, Alessia Cara, Miley Cyrus, Coldplay, Elton John & P!nk & Logic, Florence + The Machine, The Killers, Lady Gaga, Mumford & Sons, Queens Of The Stone Age, Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. Revamp is out April 6th, 2018.

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48 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John – Revamp Trailer”

  1. The «Two rooms » tribute album is way better than this one ! To be honest a bit bland..i got bored😕 But fortunately, Sir Elton is very open-minded 😉 Ed Sheeran was not bad !

  2. When a musical genius in the true sense can not be equalled..💛Emotion that you feel when Elton is singing and playing in a truly outstanding way…🧡 that make you feel like crying and melting your heart..🌸🎵 Is missing on this revamped album in my opinion. I would have preferred a cover like Levon by Bon Jovi in the Duets album. Or Sarah Bareilles with Goodbye Yellow Brick Road..

  3. Love you ⭐️Elton⭐️ my king since i am 14. Gaga is great when singing in acoustic 💜. If i could i would have sung Skyline Pigeon, but i am not on this Revamp album ! 😅 Ps : I am French so sorry if any mystake

  4. I new the phrase vamp was used….in certain circles…..Heather using that as a name and how much she bullshited mem…but almsot having a kid together the chance there might be more but I kept in touch…..I allowed her to stay over and now she is a fat ass octa mom……you can't laugh as they float down the river if you don't keep in touch…..even tried to see if I could get her to hook me up with a friend of hers….she lost the emotional ability to be a mother she can babysit but she knows there are always others there to take the responsibility from her….and for me it allowed this joke make me a video saying I rule the world which is all the music and videos from high school where about……

  5. I am so excited for this album! I love Elton and I’m very excited to see what these artists bring to the songs he and Bernie wrote. Most excited for Mona Lisas by The Killers and Tiny Dancer by Florence

  6. If an artist is going to sing another artists song, leave the dam thing alone. Don't add your own weird poor, karaoke twists. Leave the songs alone and sing them the way they were recorded. Each song is a Monet. You never ever change it, or anything about it.

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