Elton John Video: Elton John – Royal Academy of Music Q&A

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Elton returned to the Royal Academy of Music to with the students about music education and stories from his official autobiography. As told in the memoir, ‘Me’, Elton attended the academy in 1958 and credited his studies there for teaching him to write the songs that would later take him to global stardom.

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Elton John – Royal Academy of Music Q&A

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35 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John – Royal Academy of Music Q&A”

  1. Some kind of nightmare is going on in Elton’s Russian fan club. Especially in his communities in Russian-speaking social networks. For mentioning Elton’s orientation you can go to the ban forever, as well as for defending his views on this issue. It happened to me and many of my friends. Only the most silent and cautious avoid this. I'm afraid the best quotes from this book were banned there. I’ve been talking about such a Russian phenomenon as homophobic fans of Elton John. When it’s not customary to talk about the history of many songs, and many stories from his life. The politeness of the leaders of such groups in this case abruptly ends and the persecution begins. Sorry, my English is bad, but I can’t keep silent about it anymore.

  2. Elton John has been in our household before I could talk, and growing up every single record, good, bad or indifferent, were all there in one form or another. My collection has always had a copy of Yellow Brick Road, Captain Fantastic, Caribou, Too Low For Zero, The One, Madman… the list is endless. In my world, Elton is only second to The Beatles.

  3. I wonder if he had supported the RAM without financial donations if he would have been so idolised? Years back they were a bunch of stuffy upper-middle-class snobs and musical elitists.

  4. The first time I saw you at San Diego Sports Arena 1971 I was 13… Just saw you at Sports Arena in February I'm 62! Never missed a concert in San Diego. I knew you had a special something from the beginning and you have proven that throughout your personal and professional life. I'm getting my first tattoo it will be the first line of notes from Your Song… My favorite song for 50 years.. . It's a little bit funny…

  5. He dropped out of the academy. He pursued a career. He held no animosity towards the academy at all. It was just an opportunity to perform that took him away from them.

    So many times dropouts are dismissed as quitters and traitors of sorts. But Elton was still a product of that academy and saw great success in composition and performance because of them.

    Now instead of just being a classical conservatory, they teach many more forms of music. Probably in no small part due to successes like Elton John.

  6. Schleppt out ….. after all those years, no wonder, but still sound strong and great, do it like Kate Bush did it, wonderful idea! If, he just gave up a bit of that DIVA way …. 😉 We all know, he is one, but just be a man and lest Testosteron drive you. Well done gathering. 👍🏻 No doubt, he's a hardworking Legend.

  7. Elton was named as a pedophile by Fiona Barnett who escaped a life of sexual slavery and Satanism to give evidence at the Royal Australian Commission of Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse .

  8. "…..unlike mine [organ} if you read the book…."
    Can some one convince me I am wrong to thing a silly sexual innuendo was made here.
    I hope I misunder stood.
    IMO the situation and circumstances deserved better.

  9. Elton, music saved my life to. I wasn’t doing drugs. I was left in life threatening pain from a severe nerve compression injury in my sacral spine. Singing your songs gave me the will to live. ‘Tumbleweed Connection’ and ‘Madman Across the Water’ are two of the best albums ever made. Thank you. 🎄

  10. Had the thrill of experiencing the farewell tour in Milwaukee – and yes, Elton John truly does love to perform! And what a performance! It was one of the best evenings of my life. Thank you Sir!

  11. Love his music but he looks fat and sick,he should think about his health now.
    It would be a shame if he died in his middle years.When he walked into the room he looked stiff and clumsy in his gait.

  12. Who hasn't been to an Elton John concert or lived through an iconic moment in their lives that's associated with an Elton John song? Thank you, Sir, for your years of music, giving back and eating some humble pie. 'Old age' looks so very graceful on you! Enjoy your family…they are what's most important!

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