Elton John Video: Elton John – Sharing His Winning Oscar l The Farewell Tour

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Fresh from winning his Oscar for Best Original Song (with ‘(‘I’m Gonna) Love Me Again’ from Rocketman), Elton jetted back to New Zealand for his next Farewell Tour concert. Watch as he celebrates with the audience at Hawkes Bay by proudly bringing out his “New Zealand Oscar” for the shows finale. Get Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour tickets at:

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Elton John – Sharing His Winning Oscar l The Farewell Tour

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12 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John – Sharing His Winning Oscar l The Farewell Tour”

  1. My Dear Sir Elton it's been a day since I heard from you today is Friday March 20th could you please give us an update on your health as well as David Zachary and Elijah's I hope you all are doing well I love you very much Elton. I'm still standing

  2. My Dear Sir Elton I just read on a post that you David and the boys are self quarantining in your home which and I will not say where thought I saw the note you wrote I'm staying in for David furnish Zachary and Elijah my baby I thought that was so sweet that's why so many people love you Elton it's not just that it's everything you do we all love you especially me I'm your biggest fan and I hope you recover from the pneumonia and just stay healthy for your three beautiful boys and yourself I love you my Elton so very much. I'm still standing

  3. My Dear Sir Elton I just hope you're getting better and staying better and healthy and getting stronger every day I love you so much for 48 years I love your music your singing your piano playing your your Manatee areas of your kindness compassion understanding and you are one heck of a gorgeous man or child you have been in so gorgeous ever since I was listening to do I read different conversations that you had you said were not that you said you weren't a sex symbol oh no my dear Elton you are hot and you still are hot I love you my Elton so stay healthy because we Elton fans we need you because we love you okay sweetie I'm still standing!

  4. My Dear Sir Elton I am so glad for all of us of course you first thought you canceled York other concerts due to the virus going around you did the right thing and I am not a selfish person I'm supposed to see you in April I'd rather see you in good health. Take care of yourself and stay healthy. I'm still standing

  5. My Dear Sir Elton today is March 11th 2020 of course I want to know how you're feeling I hope you're feeling better I worry about you cuz you're my sweetheart and could you like maybe give us an update on how you feeling okay I love you my honey bunny I'm still standing

  6. My Dear Sir Elton it's been 6 days I thought we had an update on your health could you please give us an update cuz I'm worried about you okay cuz you know if you have the pneumonia and now the corner virus or whatever it is Corbin no viruses going around and I don't want my man to get it okay part of me discombobulated words but my phone is acting up I said pardon my phone it's acting up I love you Elton I love you so much

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