Elton John Video: Elton John – Signing 'Me' at Waterstones

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To celebrate the release of his official autobiography, Elton met and signed copies of the book for some lucky fans at Waterstones Piccadilly in London. ‘Me’ reveals the truth about Elton’s extraordinary life, in a joyously funny, honest and moving story of the most enduringly successful singer / songwriter of all time. Get your copy at:

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44 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John – Signing 'Me' at Waterstones”

  1. since 1980 im fan thanks sir elton john 39 years joy and the colors in my life with your music 💛💚❤💖and congratulation for his song ''it ain't gonna be easy ''1978

  2. What a Beautiful Human being…..and Eye m simply Happy Gay!!…..Rock on Elton….Thank you for the decades of melodies and harmonies that have touched our SOULS…..You are surely one of tbe greatest we ve had…..Peace and Love is wished for all…….Who da Man???….The ROCKETMAN……

  3. He looks handsome and happy. Each is a little scared and he knows. He tries all he can to put a smile on others faces.Sir Elton John Thank You for all your music you brought to me and my family Your Fan Foreve

  4. so upsetting that tickets to this sold out straight away and now people are selling their copies at £900+
    So many missed the experience just so others could expand their pockets😡

  5. That's so cool ! Definitely an important icon in the music industry, I'm sure you've heard it a million times ,but heres a million and one
    I love your music!! Grew up listening to you Tommy was first movie I lied to get into had to have an adult Thank you for your songs I have great memories to go with everyone of them!

  6. Sir eltonn jon welcome my channnel is for you . Evertime ok is wonderfull singer i love you very much thank you. Todos os cantores e musicos internacionais são muito bem vindos amo vcs ok. Rock , pop, soul, hip hop , black songs . Ok

  7. All respect for one of the finest musicians of my lifetime – and a great personal human being – but he looks like a middle aged woman. Exactly like. Just saying.

    Janet Reno.

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