Elton John Video: Elton John – ‘The Union’ interview Part 1

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Elton John discusses the new album ‘The Union’. Released 18th October 2010 (US) and 25th October 2010 (UK).

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28 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John – ‘The Union’ interview Part 1”

  1. Leon Russell is a great musician, but not mainly for his own music.  He is great because he inspires other musicians and makes their music better.  Brilliant studio musicians rarely get the accolade they deserve, and Leon is one of the greatest studio musicians ever.  His eponymous first album is the only Leon Russell album worth having.  Otherwise, get the "Best of".  In contrast, most of Elton John's catalog is worth owning, and ironically, that indispensable catalog wouldn't exist without the great Leon Russell.

  2. "Seldom does the hart reach out so far to pluck a rose so wilted.
    Most eyes are blind and cast them aside and see only colors drawn in time.
    The Madman across the water see's with his harts eye and Memories.
    A Rose so bright and supple and the love of a song for you."

    Thanks, SR. John

  3. next 10 year maybe people know nothing about popular music
    todays " music " called hiphop rapp…
    why we must play Leon Russel if we h.
    eminem and 50 Cent… and mother fu….ing…
    and never one human shows up protest…
    who can take MUSIC back?
    and where we can find professional producers and
    record companys??? and professional radio and TV…
    who play MUSIC!????

  4. all people know that song…
    leon russell – a song for you
    sad the music industry todays producers and elton john too
    are waited such a long time!!!
    todays people know only lady gaaagggaa and music called mother fu…. g not more…

  5. @ams6096 You can see an interview where he goes into more detail if you're interested, here on YouTube. It's called "Spectacle with Sir Elton John Part 1" and then continues through to Part 5. It's from "Spectacle" with Elvis Costello from the Sundance channel. I watched them this morning and he triggered some great memories. Interesting, historically. I'm crazy for Leon though… have been for years.

  6. @MrFramesfan I agree completely. I'm a LeonLifer since 1970 when I saw him during the Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour. His music has been a part of my life ever since. It's always bothered me that he wasn't as famous as he deserves to be.After all, he was, is, and will always be The Master of Space and Time!

  7. Elton's old classic stuff is good, but Leon is easily the most underrated songwriter and artist I've ever encountered. He's a musical genius, and most people don't even know who he is unless someone like Elton pulls him out and says, "look at this guy! He's brilliant", and that's truly sad I think. I know Elton was hugely influenced by Leon, and that's really neat I think. But it's no question in my opinion who is the master between these two icons. Leon is as good as music gets i think.

  8. @honkycabbit Hey Ahab is a great rock song, Monkey Suit is an upbeat song surely? The Union is a classic album. A pity you don't like it but lots of us love it

  9. (continued) You've also ran out of upbeat songs to perform in concert All we hear is Bitch is Back, Take me to the Pilot, Levon, Bennie and the Jets and Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting. Elton you need to start writing some fast upbeat songs again. Cut back on the sentimental stuff about your life and Bernie and David and X number of people and friends you've told that story over and over. (Try to get back attitude of your Breaking Hearts or Rock of the Westies) remember those fun songs?

  10. 1:58 oh you're VERY wrong Elton we're screaming for another EJ album but there's only one little problem: You keep writing the same crummy slow cheesy midtempo songs for the past 3 albums. You're not writing anything upbeat anymore. The last upbeat songs you've written was They call her the Cat (which most EJ fans hated but I clearly enjoyed) Just like Noah's Ark, The River Thames, and the House Fell Down. Don't get me wrong some of the slow songs are really good, but………..

  11. continued…..Now Elton showing his gratitude after 40yrs- something SO RIGHT, steps up to the plate and gives Leon a Healing Hand Up. I get it just fine, and makes me feel full circle with U two together again. This was meant to be. Thanx, Leon & Elton 4 your kind acts of gratitude toward each other. Its a beautiful Thing! LUV THE UNION

  12. This a story of great gratitude. 1970's Leon was king (Anyone who knows anything could tell you how cool Leons voice made records) & chose Elton as opener -Exposed him live to the world. At the height of his carer, Leon changed genres (Country Cowboy) & consequently lost popularity. Meanwhile Elton's career took off like a rocketman. continued……..

  13. I've heard this album and I didn't like it. Elton John shouldn't have recorded an album with Leon Russell. Leon Russell is a talented Piano Player and Songwriter, but he is a bad Singer. Comparing Elton's incredible voice with Leon's bad voice is a joke. Leon's bad vocals spoilt the album.

  14. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Live recording blows the he!! out of the new style of one track at a time. Listen to the records coming out now , the sound is perfect but they feel cold.

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