Elton John Video: Elton John vs Pnau – Album Interview

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Elton John and Pnau sit down to talk about the new album “Good Morning To The Night”, a remix album created from samples of early Elton songs mixed together to form thrilling and completely new songs.

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21 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John vs Pnau – Album Interview”

  1. I love how Pnau is bringing Elton John's old songs back into the lime light… love Elton's voice and music. I remember listening to Elton's music when I was young teen so I grew up with him. This is fantastic :)) Thank you Pnau

  2. As an Elton purist, I couldn't imagine actually enjoying this album, but I really do. They really did create new, really cool songs, yet it's wonderful to hear the old Dee/ Nigel rhythm section again, (only Dee could play that bass that melodically), to hear some of Davey's guitar solos re-imagined, and of course, Elton's incomparable voice shining though again. Thanks for your efforts; I think we have a new genre here, as this cannot be called just remixes. It's actually art.

  3. I understand this is only the first Elton-Pnau album- maybe others to be alternated with further Elton albums like the Diving Board, due out early next year. Pnau deserve credit for this but- i say this as an Elton fan- i hope they won't dedicate themselves too much to Elton's wonderful catalogue at the expense of their own composing and identity. I suppose they have time on their side still, though

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