Elton John Video: How to Create a Video Treatment for Elton John: The Cut

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Are you passionate about filmmaking? Find out everything you need to know about creating your video treatment to enter Elton John: The Cut. For more info, visit:

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9 thoughts on “Elton John Video: How to Create a Video Treatment for Elton John: The Cut”

  1. I have read the Terms and conditions but there's a thing i don't understant: once the contest is over, if we lose it but we've done a good work and feel proud of it, can we upload the video in Youtube anyway using Elton John's song? Or we can't make that video public on Youtube with Elton's song? Thank you!

  2. This video is amazing, the guy is tutoring us on how to make good videos and he's just all over the place with this. I'm hoping it's a joke, if it's not:
    1. That's not how you shoot at a pool table, you are clearly doing edits maybe you want to do a take where you hit the cue ball?
    2. The way he enters the pool room with this wild kick is hilarious.
    3. Some slight mic pops as he goes down the stairs.
    4. On the stair walk, you should not spend so long on the indirect camera. At some point you go "um, who is he talking to?" I imagine it was to hide edits but even then he could've done a few more takes and not done it so bad, if Weird Al can do all of "Tacky" in a single take I'd think a professional studio could do a short walk and talk up the stairs
    5. Since when do people have to legally blur out paintings?

    I sincerely do find it charming, but I'm not sure it is in the way it was intended. Seems like a mid-level video studio guy who thinks he's the shit when it comes to video production.

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