Elton John Video: Parris’s Shortlist: Bennie and the Jets

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We are excited to reveal the Elton John: The Cut shortlist for ‘Bennie and the Jets’, which was selected by Parris Goebel. Discover the reason Parris chose these video treatments below.

Max Weilland
“I just love this one. He has such a great energy and passion. The concept itself was also really different and unlike any of the other ones I saw. The idea of creating a world where Elton John has been banned is so cool and I think could work really well for this song.” 

Holly Blakely
“I just love the sexy, risqué vibe of this. The visual references she uses are captivating and not what I have in my own head when I listened to the song, which I love.” 

Leo Marthaler
“I love the ending for this one. It would be really surprising and powerful — feels really relevant for our times. They also seem very confident they can pull it off, which is always a good thing when you’re really trusting someone to turn the vision they have in their head into a reality.” 

Tyler Rabinowitz
“I really like how professional and well thought-out this treatment is. You can tell he put a lot of time and energy into thinking through the most important aspects of the video — from location, to choreography and styling. I also love the idea of introducing a new form of dance with “Lindy Hip Hop.” From the little pieces I saw in the video, I think that could be really cool.”

Jack Whiteley & Laura Brownhill
“I love their idea for the setting of this one and the idea of a revolving carousel stage. I think that could be really cool and mesmerizing — the perfect backdrop for dance. I can just see the synchronized, flipbook style choreography in my mind — it feels like it goes perfectly with the song. I looked into some Laura’s choreography work from the past and I think she’d be able to do a really great job with this.”

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6 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Parris’s Shortlist: Bennie and the Jets”

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