Elton John Video: Rocketman – A True Epic Musical Fantasy

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The music and the magic of Elton John’s incredible life comes to the big screen in #Rocketman. 🚀
The cast and crew discuss what makes this movie a true epic musical fantasy.

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49 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Rocketman – A True Epic Musical Fantasy”

  1. Of course Elton is great.but I wish he would produce a movie about the band Badfinger because that was a tragic story they were so successful the music was great but the manager stole their music rights stole their profits and the lead singer died bankrupt committed suicide and so did another member of the band and that's what used to happen regular

  2. I saw this last night and I walked out of it feeling happy and sad. The movie was fantastic. I'm very happy that Elton has his happy ending. He deserves it and i want to thank him for bringing so much beautiful music into my life.

  3. what’s the two second song at the beginning where it’s announcing him and the guy goes “… elton john!” and then it’s like piano piano piano BAM please someone tell me what that song is

  4. Elton, We need you to add a 4th show for the Vancouver dates for the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour at Rogers Arena but all 3 shows on September 21, 22 and 24 are sold out and we need a 4th show by popular demand and I'm wanting to go so badly to see you for the first and last time.

  5. I hope that if Hollywood wants to make a biopic about David Bowie, they need to use a style similar to this film. Elton is an incredible man with a crazy-ass past, and Bowie needs his story to be told like Rocketman.

  6. I never understood Elton John's music as a kid growing up, but now I'm 35, I am playing catch up! This guy is a living legend.

  7. I would watch this movie anytime of day for the rest of my life, it is the most emotional film i've ever seen, with good sense of humor while also getting into knowing Elton's hard time as a boy and growing up – this fantasy becomes our fantasy, we get to experience what we know as the best piano player and sweetest person in the world! — truly amazing movie!

  8. Favorite song? You mean songs …because there's way too many 😎 Healing Hands, Burning Buildings, Border Song, A Good Heart, Birds, You Gotta Love Someone, Goodbye Marlon Brando …

  9. “Rocketman” is amazing. It’s what a jukebox musical based on a true story should be like. Each song wasn’t just a concert or a recreation of what happened, but an actual damn musical number. This movie deserves all the awards.

  10. Love you Elton John im bummed becouse I could not get tickets to your show at the Tacoma dome but I can’t wait until I see the movie my favorite song is your song

  11. I've been really appreciating Pinball Wizard since I saw it portrayed in the movie. During the song montage Taron looked very much like Elton in all the different costumes at the piano.

  12. I just got back from the theatre, watched this movie for the 2nd time. It is everything you want in an Elton John biopic. It is pretty much perfect. Taron Egerton and Jaime Bell are excellent and capture Elton and Bernie so wonderfully. The musical numbers blend in awesomely with the plot … Genius work all around!! Everyone involved with the movie should be so proud of themselves!! Great job!

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