Elton John Video: Rocketman – Taron Egerton: Bennie and The Jets Behind The Scenes

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Watch Taron Egerton & Giles Martin in the studio recording ‘Bennie and The Jets’. The song was recorded for the epic musical fantasy ROCKETMAN.

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Rocketman – Taron Egerton: Bennie and The Jets Behind The Scenes

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46 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Rocketman – Taron Egerton: Bennie and The Jets Behind The Scenes”

  1. Wtf was this supposed renowned Academy thinking not including Rocketman for esp best actor? What’s their criteria for “best actor”, “best director” or “best movie”? That the production in question has a big name attached to it, that “box office numbers were huge” or (apparently not) that the movie was through and through (music, direction, script, acting, etc) exceptional? I think the academy needs to get some less stuffy “judges” and some new blood with fresher ways of defining “cinematic gold”.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie and Taron’s performance, however Bennie and The Jets is my favorite Elton John song and I wish it was done a little closer to the studio version. Or even the soul train version. I guess that’s what I was hoping for in the movie.

  3. Love this guy he has scouse blood in him. Both his parents are from Liverpool. Another talent hailing from the greatest talent factory in the world. Liverpool.
    I'm gutted he never got nominated for a gong. He deserves it so much.
    I cant believe some Egyptian comes along plays Freddie and wins a Oscar. Freddie and Elton were just as famous and friends in life.
    Maybe Taron is not brown enough to get a nod. That's why I never watch the Oscar's.

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