Elton John Video: The Making of ‘Rocket Man’ for Elton John: The Cut – Supported by YouTube

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Majid’s journey has been a difficult one at times – just like the astronaut in Elton’s iconic ‘Rocket Man’. In his interpretation of the song, Majid reimagines themes behind the song, exploring loneliness and hope in a whole new way. With a talented team of animators to help him create his vision, a unique story of the Rocket Man is brought to life.

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18 thoughts on “Elton John Video: The Making of ‘Rocket Man’ for Elton John: The Cut – Supported by YouTube”

  1. Had to turn it off after 30 seconds when it became obvious that this is a political propaganda piece.  Why can't entertainers ever learn that their fans are their for the talent that made them famous and not their political views?

  2. This is so touching! This is Bastian Lee Jones from Berlin. Angela Merkel said okay and let the mostly Syrian refugees in, with all the risks included. And I am hosting a Syrian, from Aleppo, Rahman, in my concert room, where my concert grand is standing. So I fully understand the distress of the journey itself….and the hopes and despair of the people leaving their home countries. So the scene, seeing Majid holding the passport in his hands – is really epic – all the relief, joy and fulfillment. Besides the opportunity to do the video. So thanks again Elton, luv to see you in Berlin in July, maybe talking to you. Again a great inspiration! Many many thanks!

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