Elton John Video: Wonderful Crazy Night Track-By-Track – Claw Hammer

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With a piano-influenced guitar riff, find out why ‘Claw Hammer’ might not end the way you’d expect. The new album, Wonderful Crazy Night, is out now and includes ‘Looking Up’, ‘Blue Wonderful’ and more.

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7 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Wonderful Crazy Night Track-By-Track – Claw Hammer”

  1. wow when i heard the chorus at the end of this clip it was like elton said…far different then the opening of the track…i am super pumped for this new album and i know it will be keeping me company in the car….thanks Elton and Bernie and i am happy to hear he used his touring band…when i first heard the honky chateau album…wow i never will forget…dee davey nigel and davy…man u could hear the difference…the session players did outstanding on the brilliant elton john album and tumbleweed album…but when i heard the opening bars to honky cat..and in comes the elton touring band with dee's super brilliant bass playing…wow that was the elton john SOUND….so awesome that nigel matt davy kim john and maybe ray are on board the new album

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