Video: Are You Ready For Love? Elton John Official Video

“Are you ready for Love?” is such a happy song, and of course it features in the Elite Elton Elton John Tribute Show.

The video for a 2003 remix of Elton’s 1979 song “Are You Ready For Love”, directed by Kate Dawkins, uses archival film clips of Elton in his heyday, as well as a 1977 playback session with Elton, the Spinners, and other Philly Soul artists.

“Are you Ready For Love” by Elton John – Lyrics

Catch a star if you can
Wish for something special
Let it be me, my love is free
Sing a song to yourself
Think of someone listenin’
One melody, you’re all for me
I’ll write a symphony
Just for you & me
If you let me love you
I’ll paint a masterpiece
Just for you to see
If you let me love you
Let me love you.
Are you ready, are you ready for love
Yes I am
Are you, are you ready,
Are you ready for love
Yes I am
Are you, are you ready
Are you ready for love
You’re the one, like the sun
Shine your love around me
You’ll always be, the one for me
Say the world, and I’ll be there
Loving you forever
Don’t let me go, just say it’s so
We’ll hear the music ring
From the mountain tops
To the valley below us
We’ll serenade the world
With a lullaby
So the angels will know us
Angels will know us

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