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Diamonds, Elton John’s Ultimate Greatest Hits collection, will be released November 10th. Available in three different formats – 2CD, 2LP and a limited edition 3CD boxset with a 72-page hardback book, five illustrated postcards and a third CD of personal favourite songs chosen by Elton himself.

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19 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John: Diamonds – The Ultimate Greatest Hits”

  1. I won't buy it.
    Reason: It's missing some beautiful songs that I really love.
    They are:
    – Funeral For A Friend – Love Lies Bleeding
    – We All Fall In Love Sometimes – Curtains
    – Elton John & Backstreet Boys – Friends Never Say Goodbye
    Don't know why Sir Elton John could miss them.
    Love Elton but am disappointed about this (maybe) last album of the legend.

  2. I'm pretty disappointed that the songs "You gotta love someone", "Easier to walk away", "Whispers", "Blessed", "The last song" and "Suit of wolves" are still not listed on this compilation. I really love them. :'-(

  3. Looks great and I'll probably end up buying it, but how many times can you rearrange songs into a greatest hits album? It would be a better compilation to add a DVD disc too.

  4. Looks great but some Elton video compilation on blu Ray would be nice? How about a singles box set to include such great but forgotten hits like Kiss the Bride or Sartorial Eloquence?

  5. I love Elton John! I’ve been a big fan of him since I was a kid. Instead of releasing yet another compilation of his greatest hits why don’t they dig into the archives and release some of his older concerts on cd and blu ray? That would be awesome! I just think this is going to be another cash grab. I just hope they plan on doing an all new remaster on all the songs instead of recycling the same remasters from the previous greatest hits compilation. That to me would make it worth getting this set. Here’s hoping 🤞🏻

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