Elton John Video: Elton John – Tribute to Orlando

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Elton John pays tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting at gay nightclub, Pulse, during his concert at Liverpool Echo Arena concert.

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28 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John – Tribute to Orlando”

  1. So true Sir Elthon John…
    …just read some of the comments here and there and We can see how We still a lot work to do for acceptence and equality around the World.
    One year later,We remember all the victims from Pulse.

  2. Elton John, I've loved your music since 1972, and went to see you in concert in 2006. However, the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting was another government psyop, like 9/11, Sandy Hook, etc. Nobody died and nobody was injured. I find it peculiar that more of these 'mass shootings' seem to have increased in recent years, and many of them are perpetrated by 'ISIS'. I know that you probably feel anger, believing that the LGBT community was attacked that day, but I hope that you will investigate this more thoroughly. These events use actors to promote their agenda, and if you will notice, the same actors are seen over and over giving speeches, press conferences, etc. There are many discrepancies to this story. For instance, if you look at photos of the bathroom wall where the SWAT team supposedly blasted in order to rescue victims, you will notice that there is no blood on these walls, nor on the pavement or toilet outside of the walls. I could name many more instances which highly suggest that this was a total fraud, but I encourage you to do your own research.

  3. I used to enjoy your music, but, I'm sick to death of hearing about your damn lifestyle, besides, it is so easy to see the Orlando BS was a hoax and you go along with it. When in the heck are you going to start singing about FUKUSHIMA and the death of the Pacific ocean? Your damn selfish about you lifestyle sickens me.

  4. The Orlando shooting is another government psychological terrorist event. FYI. one or two Fire & Rescue vehicles, ZERO ambulances, victims with sad tourniquets being carried TOWARD the scene of the crime (search for videos, you’ll see it for yourself), no bodies being removed, ZERO medical urgency, and ask yourself this question: WHO pronounced all 50 people dead? The scene would have been completely congested with ambulances rushing in, grabbing bodies, trying to resuscitate victims, dressing the wounds of the injured… The police would have taken a back seat to the medical professionals, which is REALITY. This is just like Sandy Hook–they make the same mistake here. GLARING mistake. This shooting is another fraud. Do Not Donate.

  5. Sooooo many "victims" soooooo little ambulances!!
    Also: what's with US-funded ISIS these days? Running out of ideas to scare people? FAKE-shooting gays in a bar or cutting of FAKE priest's head in france… or FAKE "truck attacks"… Tisk-tisk, pathetic!

  6. Elton the only something you can say is that you've had enough of fake shootings, mass brainwash propaganda, gigantic frauds and TREASON. If you side with them, you are the enemy and I couldnt' give a toss whether you were gay or not. The enemy is the enemy, period.

  7. Knighted EJ (1998) pushing the Official Story… make sure that paycheck keeps coming in from the Queen……. what else do you do for that hideous creature?…

  8. Bullshit Elton John. Wake up. Orlando was a fake event . A hoax. A government psyop. Nobody died. Do your research or would you rather be a spokesman for the government and police fakers and fear mongers.

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