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To celebrate ten years of Record Store Day on 22nd April, 2017, Elton John has been named as the first ever global Record Store Day Legend. In this interview, Elton talks about his love of record stores, vinyl and lifelong record collecting habits plus his own RSD 2017 release, 17.11.70+.

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43 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Elton John – Record Store Day Legend”

  1. I still have some of my records, absolutely saved the 1st record I bought with babysitting money…'Crocodile Rock' 45! I adore your music, feel fortunate to have seen many concerts also sharing the love with my kids.

  2. Elton, SPOT ON about the "ritual" of vinyl. It really is a bigger experience than just listening to the music on the record.
    What I particularly love about a record, is that people are buying ALBUMS again, rather than just digitally nibbling and picking at a few songs here and there.

  3. Listen to how coherent Elton is: He'll never have dementia. Such a strong minded man he is, and with remarkable intelligence.

    If only he had that same passion for Jesus, what a world wide audience he'd influence for the cause of Christ.

  4. my vary first album ever was a reissue of elvis christmas album ever since then music is the way ive lived it got me through so most of the cds i own were originally a vinyl release some of my favorites are simon and garfunkel greatest hits the carpenters close to you the beatles sgt peppers elton jhon goodbye yellow brick road ottis reeding blue mama cass mamas big ones mack the knife the bobby darin story the eagles greatest hits volume I journey xscape whitney huston the bodygaurd soundtrack nomorus of elvis i love music so much and a fantastic choice for the first record store day legend

  5. I haven't seen a record store in my part of NYS in almost 30yrs. Bookstores are near extinct. I miss both dearly! Still have all my records I bought growing up. Everything from Elton to The Osmond Brothers to Elvis and Jefferson Airplane to Prince and the Backstreet Boys to Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash etc…….

  6. Hi, Elton! From a vinyl collector's perspective, which I have been my entire life, you were one of my first musical heroes. I own most of your albums on vinyl already, plus there are some that I'm yet to find, and the "Live in Australia with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra" album is my ultimate favourite in your catalogue. Keep up the good work.

  7. Still got a few of Elton's on Vinyl and various others have loved Elton since I was young went to a few of his concerts back in the day and he's just as good live as on record if not better brilliant showman I used to have nearly all the LP's up to Blue Moves but a lot got damaged in a couple of house moves so only have a few now sadly but I've followed his career from the early days until now and I think he got better as he's got older a brilliant showman I'd love to go to one of his concerts again but I'm disabled now and don't know if I could sit through it all and enjoy it now I'll leave it as a maybe we'll see as I never know from 1 day to the next how I'll feel I have better days and crap days but I still breathing got a roof over my head and loving family 4 kids in total plus an angel who was stillborn a nearly 15 years ago.

  8. Daniel was my very first 45 – and then I bought Goodbye Yellow Brick Road on vinyl, which was a sensory experience. The liner notes were beautiful, and the images they put to each song were so great! That album was like no other. Ever.

  9. I still have my vinyl ..  Especially, Elton John's.  I saw Elton John in "74 at the Capitol Center, D.C. way ..  It was awesome ..  I'll never forget his "Funeral for a Friend" performance.  Bless your dear heart, Elton ..  The crocodile still rocks !!

  10. In the 90s, I was dorming at FIT in Manhattan, and every weekend, I would head down to the Village and buy classic rock albums by the load (well, as many as could fit in my bookbag) to decorate my dorm room with. I'd take the records out of their sleeves and put the empty cardboard up.) And I'd get 'em for $2, $3, up to $5 for a double album! NOBODY cared about vinyl then!

    It was Monkees, Beatles/solo Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys, Genesis, Pretenders…and my fave, Elton. I had every EJ album from the icons like CAPTAIN FANTASTIC and GYBR to lovely obscure stuff like FRIENDS, THOM BELL, LADY SAMANTHA and LEATHER JACKETS. I actually managed to find the original British cover of EMPTY SKY, not that crap American sleeve from '75. Got an apartment, put 'em on THOSE walls, then put 'em in storage. Later decided to move, and figured, "Meh, time to clean house," and took 'em back to the Village and left 'em for some lucky souls to find.

    Cue to NOW, of course, when vinyl's once again the rage, and I wish I'd held onto those things a little while longer. But live and learn. You can't keep EVERYTHING. I'm not about to go re-buy them all for whacked-out prices, but I'm glad the analogue sound still lives…even though I didn't and still don't have a record player! XD

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