Elton John Video: Kurt’s Shortlist: Tiny Dancer

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We are excited to reveal the Elton John: The Cut shortlist for ‘Tiny Dancer’, which was selected by Kurt Schneider. Discover the reason Kurt chose these video treatments below.

Tighe Kellner
“I love his energy. The pitch is just a lot of fun and captures the California-essence of the song but with a fresh twist and love story. I get the feeling that Tighe would be really great to work with.”

Max Weiland
“I love this one. It gets at the heart of what Bernie and Elton talk about in their inspiration film but does it in a very modern way, reminiscent of La La Land. I think it would be important to keep the focus on the individual narratives of the character for this and also think through a really grand, finale moment to bring everything to a final climax. After looking into some of his past work, I was really impressed with Max’s portfolio.”

Will Samuel
“These guys look like brothers even if they aren’t! 😉 I love the idea of the revolving stage and race against time. It’s a really creative and cool concept.”

Fanny Hoetzzeneder
“I like the idea of anchoring the film on hustlers and telling the story of the song through their eyes, that’s a really unique take on this. I think it would be important that the story isn’t just told through still portraits but through dynamic vignettes of each of the characters.”

Tim Madden
“I think this one comes closest to what Elton and Bernie talked about in their inspiration video — a film that captures the full heart and spirit in LA. I also like the tie in with the piano and the real world auction. I had a look at some of Tim’s past work and it made me feel confident that he could do a good job with this.”

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