Elton John Video: PES Shortlist: Rocket Man

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We are excited to reveal the Elton John: The Cut shortlist for ‘Rocket Man’, which was selected by PES. Discover the reason PES chose these video treatments below.

Kadri Mahmoud
“The previous animation referenced in this treatment is incredibly striking. I can imagine applying that same sort of black and white – almost architectural – technique to Rocket Man would create something that really stands out from the crowd and feels appropriate for a song about space.”

Stav Nahum
“I love the energy, enthusiasm, and creativity that this group brought to their pitch. It’s a clever, rather literal interpretation of the song – based on the Ray Bradbury short story that originally inspired it – but the handmade puppets, sets and overall non-cartoony vibe could add some unique twists.”

Majid Adin
“It is impossible not to be moved by Majid’s incredible story. Beyond that though, I looked through his previous work samples and was incredibly impressed by his artistic ability. I love the way he’s re-imagined the song to be about something so personal to him — it’s such a moving journey and also something completely unexpected for the song. Imagining that narrative coupled with the emotional, powerful drawings he has shared could create something really beautiful.”

Carlos Moss and Mark Cop
“This one stands out to me because it’s the only one we have that plays to Elton John himself as the Rocket Man, and I think that’s an interesting concept for a performer like Elton John who has assumed many personas/alter egos over the years.”

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6 thoughts on “Elton John Video: PES Shortlist: Rocket Man”

  1. Majid's is the closest to going somewhere interesting, but all seem to miss the mark somewhat. To pull off a literal interpretation of the lyrics for this song and do it well requires a flash of genius that I just do not see here…

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