Elton John Video: Rocketman – Deleted Scene l Elton in the Gas Oven

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ROCKETMAN is chock full of extended musical sequences, deleted scenes, sing-alongs, and more! Look for the epic musical fantasy starring Taron Egerton on Digital and Blu-ray!

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33 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Rocketman – Deleted Scene l Elton in the Gas Oven”

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  2. I think this seen got deleted because it would have hinted at Elton’s suicide attempt later on in the movie. It also foreshadows the aggression Elton builds up after he becomes an alcoholic and starts drugs.

  3. If they were going to expand on that relationship, it would have had to include a lot more content. I love Rocketman so much… I appreciate seeing the cuts, but I don't see much room for improvement. Love Taron's acting, can't quite get over this movie ~ I saw it 12 times. What a gem… I've always been a hard core Elton John fan… I have so admired his music! And now that I've learned all he has been through…. I admire the music and the man. Plus Bernie!!! Plus Taron ❤❤❤

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