Elton John Video: Rocketman – Deleted Scene l Stylish Boots

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ROCKETMAN is chock full of extended musical sequences, deleted scenes, sing-alongs, and more! Look for the epic musical fantasy starring Taron Egerton on Digital and Blu-ray!

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29 thoughts on “Elton John Video: Rocketman – Deleted Scene l Stylish Boots”

  1. I was so impressed with Taron ‘s portrayal, of Elton, which is shocking since there is only one Elton John.
    It became apparent Elton John was one of a kind and so talented in a clip, I’ve watched hundreds of times, from Aquarius”. Elton walks the interviewer thru his writing process, starting with a stack of lyrics he’d just received from Bernie, pulling out one called Tiny Dancer “about Bernie’s girlfriend” (since been denied from Bernie) and proceeded to explain the lyrics and pound out the music-“fast and slow”, making it look simpler than breathing was to him. It all screamed insane super human talent, enormous talent that Elton was oblivious too. ❤️❤️❤️
    I sent that clip out to friends and family who all finally saw why I’d been obsessed for going on 40 years.

  2. Impatiently waiting for this to be released 8-27-19. Seeing it on the big screen was great but we all want to watch it on repeat.
    I do wish they would have included the part, early on in Elton’s career when he was being interviewed and talking about Etta James, saying “ she is a legend, I’ll never be a legend……” because you Sir Elton John are definitely a legend!!

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